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rainbow shark

Title: rainbow shark
URL: https://aquariumfishhq.com/
Description: The Cherry barb (Puntius titteya is their scientific name) is a small, peaceful fish native to Sri Lanka. They are found in freshwater ponds, streams and small rivers, where the water circulation is gentle and there is lots of dense vegetation. Due to critical issues such as over-fishing and deforestation, the numbers of wild Cherry barbs have fallen dramatically. Cherries within the aquatic trade are mostly captive bred. Thanks to their hardiness, they are great for beginner fish keepers. Their placid nature also makes them perfect to keep in a community aquarium. Availability The Cherry barb is an extremely popular fish due to is ability to tolerate varied water parameters and its small size. Most aquarist stores will sell these fish or be able to source them fairly quickly. They are an inexpensive addition to your tank, with an average price of $2 per fish. Cherry Barb Lifespan Surprisingly, for such a small fish, Cherry barbs have a rather good lifespan. Provided they are kept on a good quality fish food and water parameters are kept stable, Cherry barbs can easily live 5 or 6 years.